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StageHop Privacy Policy

You want to catch a great show on StageHop, but you also want to know just what we're doing with your contact info. Here's a quick rundown on the information we collect from our viewers, the ways we use that information, and how you can easily opt-out of receiving certain kinds of information from us. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us.

Information we collect

We want your experience on StageHop to be a positive one. So that we can better understand how you use our services, we ask for an email address and password when you create your profile with us. In some cases, we offer the option to login through Facebook, and in those cases Facebook is passing us your email address as part of that process. This key piece of information allows us to identify you among the thousands of viewers who join us for events online, to better respond to support requests, to monitor the success of our event delivery to you, and to communicate with you about events you are signed up to watch and other related events that may be of interest to you.

For some events, we collect or offer the opportunity for you to provide additional contact information, such as location information and other contact information.

We also collect information from your computer/device as you use our services. This information includes:

Device-specific information, such as your hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information. Internet Protocol (IP) address information provided by your device or network connection. Information related to your Internet service provider (ISP) and/or the speed of your network connection as you access our services. Time/date stamps of your activity within our web properties (as is normal for server logs). Progress watching a specific event or file, which can be used to return you to the time code you were watching. Other device-specific information or network-specific information that is related to our efforts to deliver a high-quality product to you. We may internally take information provided or device-specific information obtained and use it to generate other information, such as location data. This data will be used in aggregate form (such as a map of ZIP codes for viewers of an event), and not tied specifically to your account unless you have provided it to us directly.


We have no recipes here, but we do give out cookies anyway. A cookie is a small piece of information that we provide to your device that lets us know which Stagehop account is using that device to access our services. The cookie connects your use of the service to the information we have in our profile database, which is important if you are trying to access an event that is a paid event. Even free events will often require you to accept cookies from us in order to successfully access the event.

All cookies we issue are only valid for a domain. And we do not access cookies from other domains. In some cases, we may work with an advertising partner who provides their own cookies to you, but this data is not provided to us or requested through us, and we do not share with them any cookies that we have issued to you.

Local storage

In addition to cookies, we may store small bits of information related to your viewing session in local storage in your device, such as HTML 5 browser web storage and application web caches. This data will only be available to sites operating from a domain.

Payment related information

Occasionally, we offer services through StageHop that ask the viewer for payment, such as ticketed live events and access to digital passes or other on-demand content. In doing so, we follow these procedures:

All traffic between your device and our servers is encrypted using industry-standard encryption methods, commonly known as SSL. We do not accept low security forms of SSL encryption, such as null certificates, self-signed certificates, or low-bit data certificates. All traffic between our servers and our payment gateways, which actually handle the transaction processing, occur using SSL-encrypted channels. Unless we have specifically notified you when providing payment data to us, we do not retain your credit card number, expiration date, or CCV codes beyond the immediate transaction being processed. We may retain the card type used (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, etc.) in our records as an additional means of verifying a payment should you contact us with a billing question. How we use information about you We use the information we collect from you to better understand how you use our services and to improve our ability to offer you a great viewing experience for your favorite events. This may include analyzing how successful we are in delivering data to you, what types of events you have watched, or the devices you have used to view events on our platform, among many other things we'll be working to improve.

When you register for an event, we'll use your email address to communicate with you about that event, including a confirmation email, information about changes, event reminders, and follow-up communications.

We will use your email address to notify you about upcoming Stagehop events, or events through other web properties of Blue Scout Media LLC, that are related to events you have watched with us in the past. You may at any time opt-out of receiving these messages by replying to one of them and asking to be unsubscribed (see below for more information about this process).

When you contact us, we may keep a record of your communication to help improve our quality of service and address any issues you bring to our attention.

Information we share

We do not share personal information with entities outside of Blue Scout Media LLC unless one of the following circumstances applies:

With your consent

If we have an opportunity to work with a third party to offer information or resources to our users, we will ask for your consent before including you in any communications from entities outside of Blue Scout Media LLC.

With event promoters

When you sign up to watch an event we are streaming on behalf of an event promoter or venue, we may share your name and/or email address with the event promoter or venue so they can send communications to you directly.

For contests and related incentives

In many cases, event managers/owners will partner with Blue Scout Media LLC to offer contests or incentives for those who sign up to watch an event online. In those cases, we will either (1) provide a link to specific terms and conditions of the contest so you know how we may need to use your information, or (2) provide a link to the event owner/manager's web presence where they will communicate these terms and conditions, in the event that Blue Scout Media LLC is not facilitating the contest or incentive.

For external processing

We use external services to help us understand our web site traffic and streaming content traffic, and we will provide them with access to information about our users in the aggregate and/or anonymously, as part of this analytical process. This data will not be connected to your specific user profile information.

For legal reasons

We will share personal information with entities outside of Blue Scout Media LLC in order to: comply with applicable laws, regulations, or enforceable governmental requests detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues enforce applicable Terms of Service, including investigation of potential violations protect against harm to our services and/or the service we provide to our users protect the brand, property, identity, staff, or other assets of Blue Scout Media LLC Communication choices and opting out As we've said, we want your StageHop experience to be a positive one. We understand that you may be here for your first show, and may not want to hear about more great shows we have to offer down the road. If you want to opt-out and unsubscribe from marketing or promotional emails, you can do so easily by replying to any of those messages, and we will unsubscribe you. And we may develop web-based systems you can use to manage the communications we send you, including to indicate which types of events you want to know about.

If you have unsubscribed, you will not receive email messages promoting upcoming events from us, but you will continue to receive emails related to events that you sign up for, such as confirmation emails, gift code emails, receipts, and follow-up thank you messages.

Talk to us

If we didn't cover something here that is important to you, please let us know. We're happy to help.