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Stagehop.com is the place you come to enjoy a live concert or event from absolutely anywhere in the world that has an internet connection! It is a "one of a kind" live experience where you meet the performers face to face, backstage, and throughout the entire venue.

When you go to a live musical concert event, you expect top-quality music and production. You crave the feel of the bass, the depth of the beat, and the story of the lyrics. You even do your best crowd-surfing move to get close enough to the artist to where you can actually see them. With Stagehop.com, you can now enjoy these luxuries in your masterfully created media room, on your mobile device, or on a laptop...all live! Enjoy the show and welcome to StageHop ...and don't forget to grab your drink and popcorn!

Need help? No problem! We offer numerous features to help you determine your best experience. Plus, you can always talk to us via our live support chat during the event.
Determine Your Best Experience
Let us help you determine your best watching experience (determined by bandwidth).
Live Chat Support
Talk to a live human being in our live chat support available during the event.
Where can you enjoy StageHop? Anywere! Watch live on your computer at home, in the coffee shop, or while your significant other is shopping. Also, check out our 'Be your own director' feature.
Desktop Laptop, or iOS
StageHop works on all computer and iOS devices. All you need is an internet connection.
Multi-Camera Selection
Be your own director as you change cameras from the available views.
Live Twitter Chat
Join in the live chat conversation on the event's Twitter feed.
The StageHop live experience is like being at home watching your favorite show on that gigantic 63" HD television. Only thing different - it's live music and your favorite artist - it's like being there!
High-Definition Quality Video
Enjoy HD quality video through a live streaming broadcast.
Concert Audio
Listen to concert sound at iTunes quality audio levels of 128kbps.
Broadcast Quality Shows
Watch broadcast quality productions, including multi-camera events and director cut shows.