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"StageHop is running an amazing online video miracle!" "Stagehop.com is one of the coolest ideas I"ve seen. I think it"s at least as good as being there!" "Congrats on the Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham concert. It was a wonderful experience unlike anything I"ve watched." "Now this is cool, Awesome on my iphone." "WOW, I had no idea this site existed. I"ve watched the entire show and couldn"t walk away." "My sound and picture is immaculate. I"m hooked, who"s next?" "Watching live from Sherman, Texas. The entire family is jammin" to some of our favorite artists on the TV." "The sound is good on my phone. My wife loves these guys already." "This is sweet! I"m surprised by how clear it is and how quickly you can change the camera views. The only thing better than this would be for them to perform in my living room." "Loving this from Austin! Watching back and forth between the 3 cameras is great but we are enjoying the directors cut so much. One thing is, you never miss a beat." "StageHop broadcast is awesome! South Lake, Texas in the StageHop house." "I really appreciate you doing the live online concert tomorrow night. I"m in Nashville and just wanted to say thanks for doing what you"re doing as I watched a concert last month and it was so cool to be able to pick the camera I wanted to watch." "What a great experience. See live performances in high quality from my living room." "The only thing better than watching Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham live is watching them online at StageHop! Great work, guys!" "Great show! Loved the production quality. Blue Scout Media has tapped into a forward thinking concert experience with StageHop.com. I"ll be tuned in for future shows!" "We hooked our computer up to our smart TV in the media room and this is quite a show. I had no idea the sound would be this good and the HD picture is perfect. The look is terrific!"
Venue Spotlight
Club Nokia is located in the center of the entertainment capital of the world: the L.A. LIVE complex. Accommodating over 2,300 guests, Club Nokia is the perfect venue for emerging music acts and cultural shows.
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